Why weddings make you re-evaluate your life

October 3, 2016

Understandably if you are the one getting married weddings are a pretty big deal, as are engagements and they are always on those lists of “life events” that see you reevaluate your goals and what you want out from life. 

After attending a wedding this weekend I think that even as a guest weddings can have a massive impact on how you are feeling about your life and make you sit down and really look at where you are compared to where you want to be.

Since becoming engaged myself I have approached weddings with a much more relaxed mindset and it was actually after a friends wedding that I sat down and had a serious chat with myself deciding that I needed to pull my finger out and get out there and find Mr Right. Although I did kiss a few frogs along the way and had some pretty horrendous dates and some awful attempts at chat up lines on the dating apps (who responds positively to a willy photo – seriously?) I did actually find Mr Right within 3 months of making the decision I was going to.

I believe I finally found my Mr Right as I was putting out the right vibes and I was confident that it was going to happen. As I was actually proactively going on dates (rather than sitting around in my flat drinking wine and complaining to my girlfriends that I was single) I was taking action towards my goal. I do believe in an element of fate and it turned out the man who I ended up with was someone who I had lots of mutual friends with and had been at the same parties / clubs / festivals as over the last 15 years. Which goes to show it is also a hell of a lot about timing!

This weekend I attended the wedding of some very dear friends of mine who are slightly unconventional. They both danced down the aisle and the bride was wearing bright green hassled cowboy boots. What was so lovely is they were celebrating their love and who they are. They were authentically them.

This is how I want to come across to all my clients – I don't bullshit or make up things about myself, I don't sell you false promises. I am me, I am not perfect (far from it) and I have made heaps of mistakes in my life. I love coaching because I help other mums make sense of their lives and move forward. It doesn't matter what has happened before as you can make a new start anytime if you really want to and are committed to doing so.

The other thing that I have noticed about weddings is people share how they are getting on. Maybe as its a group of people that are often not together, you might find yourself reunited with school friends, uni friends or people you met years ago through the bride and groom. When you are catching up I find people are brutally honest. Over the years people have shared with me their struggles to conceive, their struggles with their kids, their struggles with family and with finances. I think there is something about weddings which makes people more open – coupled with the fact they will probably not see me again until the next one rolls around. 

So, next time you go to a wedding after your fizz hangover has faded think about what it has made you reflect on. Are you really where you want to be with your life or is it time you started making those changes? 

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