Why change career? I want to spend more time with the kids (*but not all my time)

August 29, 2016

One of the most frequent issues that my clients come to me with is they want to continue with their career but spend time with their children. The caveat is they don't want to spend all of their time with them (or they might resemble a slightly deranged mummy like me at Gambados). They want to have a balance of work and family time that they are in control of. This seems to become increasingly important to my clients when their children start school as they want to drop their children off  / pick them up from school and be able to attend their school plays and various functions. The balance seems elusive and many people argue that “having it all” is a dream that no-one really achieves but I disagree and can help you find ways that it can work for you.

One of my first clients was a high achieving mummy of two who worked in advertising. She had gone back to work after both children and both went to nursery. She was lucky as she had a supportive husband and family who helped out with childcare two days a week. Her role meant that she often had to work late and after a week where she didn't see the kids awake at all she hit a tipping point where she realised that she couldn't continue as she was. When she came to see me she was racked with tremendous guilt as she felt that she wasn't doing well in her professional or her personal life. We were able to sit down and look at what was really important to her and she was keen to have the work life balance and a meaningful career. For this client the short term she moved into a more flexible role working in marketing at a charity, which has lead her to be much more fulfilled and happy. She is now looking at new goals for the future which centre on her starting up her own business to give her the challenge that she now desires. 

So what is the point of my case study? I want women to realise that they can have it all and they are able to make the best choices for themselves. I will help you develop your confidence and your strategies so you can make sure you spend more time with your children but also have the career that you desire. 

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