What is it like when your baby goes to school?

September 5, 2016



As lots of you waved goodbye to your children at the gates this morning and shed a tear as they had finally (sob) grown up and were off to school I speak to one of my dear friends about how she felt sending off her 11 year old to secondary school this week (and she doesn't look much older than that herself!)


1) How does it feel to have your daughter starting secondary school this week?

I feel nervous for her but I know that she will be okay. She doesn't know anyone in her class which will make the first few weeks harder. Also Secondary school is very different to the days when I went. 

2) What changes will there be to your routine?

The morning routine will change. My oldest on her own was able to do the school run with the middle one. This left me the morning free to sort out the baby (pictured). Now I will have to do the school run with the baby and make sure the oldest is at school. It will take more planning and organisation, especially on the days that I work. 

3) How does the start of the new school year make you evaluate your life?

The new school year doesn't affect me in terms of evaluating anything about myself. My birthdays do that !

4) What changes would you like to make?

Maybe I would focus on myself and my work a bit more. I am very occupied with making sure my partners work life is good and the children are okay at school. There's a lot I would like to do but they take priority. 

5) What (if anything) is stopping you?

Time. There is never enough time in the day. And tiredness. 

6) What advice would you give to other mums whose kids are starting school?

I would say don't worry. Kids are tougher than we think. If you go back to yourself at their age and remember how capable you were they will be the same.

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