How doing less can help you achieve more…

As a mum, business owner and postgraduate student it is probably quite obvious what type of personality I am. I have always thrived on being busy and doing lots but recently I have decided to take a bit of a step back – and guess what my business is thriving as a result!

Setting up a business is pretty all consuming whenever you decide to do it, as a mum you just have additional pressures in terms of time and commitment. Everyone tells you the first six months of a business are the toughest and to do that whilst juggling a full time job, a toddler and having a baby was pretty intense. Luckily, I have amazing support structures which helped me but reflecting on the last few months I decided to take a step back.

I was so focused on building my business and doing well I lost sight of how to prioritise my time. I work with two different coaches and both of them said to me about 3 weeks ago – Ruth, you need to think about what you are doing and then do that really well. I wrote a blog around then about starting to outsource and I am pleased to say that has made a massive difference to my workload and my energy levels. 

The other thing that I have been doing is practicing mindfulness. I now focus just on the task in hand – so if I am with my children that is all I am doing, if I am writing a blog post I don't have any distractions. It means moving away from the phone, the email and the social media. I actually didn't realise how much time I spent checking emails, looking at Facebook and on my phone. What I also didn't realise is how addictive all of these activities are, maybe even more so when you are working from home and have a lot less adult conversation or interaction.

My new mindful practice has seen me strip back what I do with the business to focus on what I enjoy and am good at. To take time to learn about how I am going to develop my new online course rather than diving straight in. It has also meant the time with my children is much better, I am loving reading long stories, playing in the park and playing shop with my eldest without the distraction of my phone or email. 

By focusing on what I need to do and being a lot more disciplined I find I am giving my clients an even better service and I feel really committed to all of their journeys. I am lucky to work with some inspirational women and love that I am helping empower them to do something new. 

I have chosen to work with 15 women at any one time as I feel I can manage this well and it means that I have the balance that I want plus I can give my clients the attention they deserve. I currently have three spaces to coach new clients, if you are interested go to to sign up for a free call to see if we can work successfully together. 

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